Budget Title Agency is the real estate, title insurance and escrow services department of the law offices of Theodore M. Simon, Esq. We provide complete title insurance and closing services for both buyers and sellers. While we welcome all Florida clients, our concentration is on South Florida, in particular Palm Beach and Broward counties. For the convenience of our clients, we offer "mail away" services, as well as "out of office" closings.

          Budget Title was born of a keen awareness that the Florida title insurance industry is fraught with scandal, replete with unethical practices, misunderstandings and deception, and flagrantly unlawful "kickback" practices.  This all results in exorbitant real estate closing costs.  "Ted" envisioned a title and closing service that can be trusted with "straight talk."

          In addition to our name, which signifies our concern for your pocketbook, Budget Title has two mottos, each of which defines our practice. "We Protect Your Money from Going up in Smoke", and "An informed Homeowner Is Our Best Client".

          "We Protect Your Money from Going up in Smoke" denotes our commitment to offer title insurance and closing costs that are far below customary fees. We know that the State of Florida does not prescribe closing costs, nor the cost of title insurance. Others would have you believe that Florida's "promulgated rates" fix the cost of title insurance. WE KNOW THAT THIS IS UNTRUE, and that 70% of this "promulgated rate" is the title agent's share, and is negotiable. We understand that title insurance and closing fees make up the biggest chunk of your real estate transaction. That is why we guarantee you a cost saving of 24% off the"promulgated rate", along with moderate closing service fees.

          "An Informed Homeowner Is Our Best Client."  We believe that each client , whether buyer or seller, should understand every part of the real estate closing process, and beware of being hoodwinked by real estate agents, attorneys, mortgage brokers or title agencies, whose only concerns are to charge you "whatever the traffic will bear". We are, at all times, just a phone call or email away from responding to your concern, and welcome your questions.  The lack of information available to the consumer is frightening, and it is our mission to correct that.  Ask us a question, and we'll give you a straight answer!

          "Ted" is a graduate of the New York University School of Law, with an undergraduate degree from Penn State. He works closely with his associate paralegal, Renee, who together have a combined experience of over 45 years. Budget Title is deliberately kept small, so that we may provide personal and professional service, always in reach of our clients. Ted is a member of the Florida, New Jersey and New York Bars, and now maintains his "boutique" practice for clients in Palm Beach and Broward counties.

          When you contact us, you will never be referred to persons unfamiliar with your transaction and you are assured of a prompt professional response. We understand how important your transaction is to you.

          Pursuant to Florida Statutes Title XLVI, Section 865.09, Theodore M. Simon has registered "Budget Title Agency" with the Florida Division of Corporations.