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          Budget Title Agency is a title insurance agency providing the full range of services required to close your real estate transaction. As a department of the law offices of Theodore M. Simon, Esq., we also provide every legal service needed to properly advise you. Real estate agents and non-attorney owned title agencies are prohibited by law from offering you advice with regard to the details of your contract or transaction. And in order to best serve you, we customarily provide our legal services as part of the transaction, at no additional cost, over and above customary closing costs.  
          We may be the first to share with you that the State of Florida is widely known as one of the most expensive states in the U.S. for the purchase of title insurance and closing fees. Both buyers and sellers are usually (and frightenly) ignorant and oblivious to this reality.  Industry professionals, including real estate agents, title insurance agencies and lawyers, rarely disclose they have the ability to offer reduced rates and fees. Indeed, buyers and sellers are often not even consulted with respect to their freedom of choice in selecting closing and title services. This is due in large part, to the cozy arrangements between 1) real estate brokers/agents, 2) non-professional title agencies and 3) the legal establishment. While it is unlawful under both Federal and Florida law for these parties to share referral fees, it is, sadly, rampant, and this only serves to make your closing more expensive, for both buyer or seller. We are quite confident that no one in the industry will divulge this unlawful activity.
          Budget Title offers a refreshing change. Our clients are our first priority, and will guarantee you large savings on title and closing costs. Our fee structure is built on saving our clients money and protecting it from going up in smoke!
          We've been around the block more times than most real estate closing services, and we know where and how costs are usually inflated. We also know that buyers and sellers are kept in the dark by those with whom they misplace their trust.
          For example, we know that the State of Florida does not fix the cost of title insurance, but only "promulgates" a rate schedule. Others will tell you those rates fix what you are charged. However, that simply isn't so! 70% of that title insurance rate is subject to reduction by the title agency, by way of voluntary or negotiated rate reduction. The difference is that Budget Title will not ask you to negotiate; we will, in fact, offer you a standard 24% cost savings off the promulgated rate. We don't believe anyone else in the industry offers this. This can result in a savings of hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars, in your transaction costs.    
          As another example, we know it is common sense that if a seller is paying for the closing costs in Palm Beach County, he/she will build that cost into the sales price and pass the costs along to the buyer. However, if this is known before the contract is signed, the buyer can generally negotiate purchasing these services at a lower cost, and renegotiate the purchase price, ending with two things: 1) a lower basis for property tax and 2) a benefit to the buyer of choosing their own closing services.
          The unfortunate truth is that many unscrupulous closing services charge one side or the other additional fees for services that they should not be demanding. Hypothetically, if the transaction is a cash deal and the seller is paying closing costs, there is no justification for charging a separate fee to the buyer, since no additional services are being provided to the buyer. The same holds true if the buyer is paying closing costs, the seller should not have to pay for any services included in the buyer's end.
          As yet another example: real estate agents are neither qualified nor competent to negotiate or advise concerning the fine print in a sales contract; but after signing a contract without professional advice, it is too late for attorney review which might have, in the first instance, saved a great deal of stress as the closing approaches and there is realization that things may not be going as smoothly as you would have anticipated. And they often involve money. Think about what happens if the inspection doesn't turn out right, and the contract reads "as is". Think also about who chose the home inspector, and whether or not the report satisfactorily pointed out defects which ought to have been disclosed or explained. No - - this is not the function of a real estate agent or non-attorney title agency. Additionally, contemplate the repercussions from a fixed closing date, when flexibility would have been more appropriate.
          As a seller, does the contract of sale, even if it states "as is" , adequately protect you against an attempt to renegotiate the contract when the inspection report discloses things of concern to the buyer that you know the buyer was fully aware of before they signed the contract? Think also about the actual selling price and whether it can be adjusted, at no resulting cost to you, in order to reduce the amount of the Florida transfer tax. A higher contract price will result in higher real estate brokerage commissions, but helps you not at all.
          So, at Budget Title we provide everything you need, whether you are buyer or seller, to satisfactorily and efficiently conclude your transaction, including attorney review prior to signing the contract. Should the need be, we will also draft and oversee the contract signing. We will also be by your side as your representative, in the event there are any hitches in the process. Our loyalty is only to you, our client.
          Please call or write us for either a quote or a question, and be assured that we will answer any questions you have regarding the closing process and our services.